To Ellie and all those related;

Posting this on a side blog so my followers are not affected and that they will not see this.

This story is between those who are relevant and no one else.

It’s strange how gut feelings finally work out in the end.

I basically accidentally called you out as an RP right from the start.


And another instance of how you’d basically told me the truth in a way I never imagined.

———-[BEGIN CHAT LOG]——————-

[31/12/2012 0:15:49] Mark: But I swear, this is going to be so annoying. It’s like another RP blog of yours.

[31/12/2012 0:16:01] Ellie Lou: [pat pat pat]

[31/12/2012 0:16:13] Ellie Lou: It is, in fact, another RP blog, but you don’t have to follow.

[31/12/2012 0:16:19] Ellie Lou: Just telling you where to find me when I disappear.

[31/12/2012 0:18:54] Mark: Oh yeah, I missed that line.


[31/12/2012 0:19:25] Ellie Lou: XD

[31/12/2012 0:22:04] Mark: I never understand OC RP blogs, tbh.

Unless you’re writing something.

[31/12/2012 0:22:42] Ellie Lou: DON’T YOU HAVE RP BLOGS?

[31/12/2012 0:22:53] Mark: None.

[31/12/2012 0:23:03] Mark: OH WAIT

[31/12/2012 0:23:15] Mark: YES, BUT I RP AS MYSELF

[31/12/2012 0:23:22] Mark: IN A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE

[31/12/2012 0:23:50] Mark: And I gave it up.

[31/12/2012 0:25:26] Ellie Lou: RP allows writers who might not be the strongest to develop their writing skills without having to worry about character development.

[31/12/2012 0:25:40] Ellie Lou: They eventually move onto OCs which is what I do now primarily.

[31/12/2012 0:25:47] Ellie Lou: In fact, all but one of mine are OCs.

[31/12/2012 0:27:29] Mark: Hmm, good point.

[31/12/2012 0:28:24] Ellie Lou: You will never hear me crack on RP blogs because it takes a lot of courage to interact with people.

[31/12/2012 0:28:38] Mark: Crack?

[31/12/2012 0:28:46] Ellie Lou: Make fun of.

[31/12/2012 0:29:36] Mark: Oh, meaning people using OCs and characters to prevent them from revealing themselves?

[31/12/2012 0:29:59] Ellie Lou: No?

[31/12/2012 0:30:17] Ellie Lou: I mean that it takes a lot of gall to put you and your writing talents out there for the world to see.

[31/12/2012 0:30:39] Ellie Lou: And I’m not using and OC or a character to prevent revealing myself, I was giving you an anchor blog to find me in case I disappear.

[31/12/2012 0:31:27] Mark: Oh no, I wasn’t referring to you. I was just trying to make sense of them others, tbh.

[31/12/2012 0:31:49] Ellie Lou: People like making OCs because they don’t have to stick to a preset characterization.

[31/12/2012 0:31:52] Mark: You’re like the only one I know who does this.


[31/12/2012 0:32:34] Ellie Lou: Exactly.

[31/12/2012 0:32:41] Mark: And it allows growth and exploration.

[31/12/2012 0:33:17] Mark: A blog, wriiten in the OC’s mindset, could really reveal certain things.

[31/12/2012 0:33:33] Ellie Lou: Yes, and that’s actually a really big problem with OCs.

[31/12/2012 0:33:46] Ellie Lou: Their muns, the writer, often puts too much personal detail into their story.

[31/12/2012 0:34:34] Mark: Wouldn’t it be tough to maintain an OC and not let one’s own personality shine through too?

[31/12/2012 0:34:52] Ellie Lou: It depends on how well developed the OC is.

[31/12/2012 0:35:03] Ellie Lou: I’m NOTHING like Camille or Georgiy but Harley is all me.

[31/12/2012 0:35:09] Ellie Lou: Which is why I don’t play him much.

[31/12/2012 0:38:10] Mark: I’ve never really seen your other blogs, never fancied it.

[31/12/2012 0:38:24] Mark: But now, I’m tempted to write up an OC.

[31/12/2012 0:38:41] Ellie Lou: It’s fun to watch them sprawl.

—————-[END CHAT LOG]————————

Well, I’m seriously glad that I stayed wary of you.

That I responded minimally to you in relation to what the others went through.

I just feel really disturbed right now and very violated, I considered you a friend and to hear all this, I cannot.

But like I said in the chat log, there is absolutely no way that some parts of your personality didn’t shine through our chats.

You were a friend, and I really hope you get the help you desperately need.

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